Gandhi Day: Gandhi’s Poignant Legacy

On the 143rd birth anniversary of my grandfather I am reminded of a poignant statement he made to a journalist who asked: What do you think will happen with your philosophy after you die? With sadness in his voice he said: “The people will follow me in life, worship me in death but not make […]

The Relevance of Gandhi Today

Source: | Jan 21, 2010 Sixty years after his death a portion of Gandhiji’s ashes, stashed away by Madalsa and Shriman Narayan, the daughter and son-in-law of Jamnalal Bajaj, will be immersed at Chowpati Beach in Mumbai. Although I will be thousands of miles away in the United States the memories of sixty years […]

We are proving Gandhi right

There certainly are many issues involved in the modern phenomenon of making fun over someone’s religion. The primary issue that concerns me is the lack of respect for someone’s faith. In the world we live in, respect is eroding just as rapidly as the environment and the ecology. When people make fun of other people’s […]

Child labour – The worst menace of all time

A guest post by Akshay Mahajan at – Child labour, also referred to as child slavery by many, is one of the worst effects of poverty as seen in India and many other countries. What is child labour ? Child labour actually refers to employing children for various tasks at an age when they […]


AHIMSA by Hal How friendly is our universe? How do we relate to the opposites that always exist in our time and space? Incoming search terms:poem on gandhi ahimsa (1)

Nonviolence and the Pursuit of Truth

The best way to understand Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence is to first understand the extent of the violence we practice, consciously or unconsciously,

Treading the Gandhian Path – by Sunderlal Bahuguna

Editor’s Note: This essay first appeared in ‘Gandhi and the Contemporary World’, edited by Antony Copley and George Paxton, published by the Indo-British Historical Society in 1997. The author Sunderlal Bahuguna, born 1927, is a noted environmentalist and a follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of Non-violence and Satyagraha. Born in a remote Himalayan village and […]