Gandhi Tour Youth Grants


First Inaugural Tour Delegation May 2014

Arun Gandhi’s 80th Birth Anniversary (1934)

Celebrated in Durban, Phoenix Settlement | Led by Arun Gandhi,

Tushar Gandhi, apprentice Managing Director Lynnea Bylund

Second Tour Delegation May 2015 | Led by Arun Gandhi and Lynnea Bylund

Third Tour Delegation May 2018 | Arun Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, Lynnea Bylund

Satyagraha Tours of South Africa, foster dialogue, and experiential learning. Satyagraha educational tours are unusual in that they do not focus on places of tourist interest but places of human interest. The tours are designed to educate participants in the essence of Gandhi’s perennial philosophy of nonviolence, and how individuals can apply it in their own lives to bring about social -economic change.

Season for Nonviolence Education Preparation

Pre-Tour Write up by Youth Grant Recipient Malik Thompson

Gandhi Legacy Youth Tour Grants 

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Gandhi Legacy South Africa Youth Tour Grant Interview

Satyagraha Tour of South Africa –

Gandhi Legacy and Development Tour 

Travel Details

Pre-Covid Costs

Any youth sponsored requires a commitment to engage an approved nonviolent community impact project upon return.