Gandhi Legacy & Development Tour


First Inaugural Tour Delegation May 2014

Arun Gandhi’s 80th Birth Anniversary (1934)

Celebrated in Durban, Phoenix Settlement | Led by Arun Gandhi,

Tushar Gandhi, apprentice Managing Director Lynnea Bylund

Second Tour Delegation May 2015 | Led by Arun Gandhi and Lynnea Bylund

Third Tour Delegation May 2018 | Arun Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, Lynnea Bylund

Longstanding India Tour developed by Arun and Sunanda Gandhi


Travel Dates : From December 29, 2018 to January 13, 2019

Arun and Tushar Gandhi with 'Bapu' Dr. Tushar Arun Gandhi and GWEI are proud to offer “The Gandhi Legacy Travel Tour through India”. For the past seventeen years Mahatma Gandhi Foundation and Dr. Arun Gandhi have partnered to bring M.K. Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence home to westerners. The focus is on studying institutions that apply the philosophy of nonviolence in their attempt to transform a community — in urban areas and in rural areas. 

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Enjoy the short video with students from Salisbury University who attended the most recent tour.

Leading this unique Gandhian legacy tour to India are Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and his son Tushar Gandhi. Join GWEI on this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to hear Dr. Gandhi’s first-hand personal stories about his grandfather and to retrace the footsteps of the great teacher of Satyagraha – non-violent direct action. Dr. Gandhi is a retired journalist, having written for the Times of India for 30 years. He is a tireless activist for peace, conflict resolution, prisoners’ rights, and is a much sought-after speaker. This tour will also show you how Gandhian principles are applied today in conflict resolution situations and sustainable development projects, despite persistent poverty and inequality in India.

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The tour begins in Mumbai and end in New Delhi. You will visit the Barefoot College, the work of the Waterman of India Rajendra Singh, and previous tours we visited the center established by Indian physicist and activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, a leader in the resistance movement to corporate-dominated Globalization. We travel to the Muslim and Hindu city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, to visit the Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi’s headquarters during his most active years of resistance to colonial rule. The tour will visit Gandhi’s home, his headquarters and an ashram where he lived. You will visit the rural area of Sangli, southeast of Mumbai, where you will see exciting grass-roots projects in agriculture, housing, weaving, sugar processing, people’s culture, and more. Modern India will come to life as we visit development cooperatives, ashrams and self-help groups that have been founded on Gandhian Principles. A full spectrum of the religious, cultural, political and historical aspects of India will be included on this our as well.

Program Highlights:

The tour will start in Mumbai on December 29th and pass through some of the most interesting and socially active areas of the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Visit Mani Bhavan – Gandhi’s residence from 1915-34 and the headquarters of the anti-colonial freedom movement.

Learn about the impact of Fair Trade on the lives of rural women in a visit to Market Place/Share – a community-based Fair Trade enterprise.

Travel to the town of Sangli and tour rural projects in housing, irrigation, reforestation, etc.

Visit the site of Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad from where the Salt March was launched in 1930.

Meet members of the WIT (Women’s India Trust and SEWA) and SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association) both organizations that generate income through cooperatives and trade unions.

Visit Mosques, and Hindu and Jain temples, archaeological sites and arts centers, and attend cultural events.

Visit the Barefoot College founded by Dr. Bunker Roy and the work of Rajendra Singh the Waterman of India. 

Workshop discussions within the group on the philosophy of non-violence and its implementation in our society back home and the world today.

Visit the Raj Ghat, Gandhi’s memorial and cremation grounds.

Extension to Agra (January 13) by bus or train – not included in the cost

For registration, tour price and inclusion, and further details please see the tour video and pages.  

We look forward to your application but space is very limited, on a first come first served basis. 

Satyagraha Tour of South Africa led by Arun Gandhi May 31 – June 14.  South Africa Itinerary 

Check out The Gandhi Legacy Tour of India “The Book” by Lynnea Bylund on Amazon.  All proceeds are donated to the benefit of the children of Avani and inner-city school children.

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