School Completed

Sunanda Gandhi Residential Girls School

Photos by Scott Kafora

Eco Domes built on the land in the Village of Washi.  Our first visit was January 1, 2010.  Video from first visit, click here.     

Beginning in 2009, the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, under the direction of Arun Gandhi (fifth grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) is proposing the establishment of a boarding/day school in the town of Kolhapur, focused on providing a free education and supportive community environment in which rural village children can experience a childhood of development and preparation for a successful life. The school is being built to honor the memory of Sunanda Gandhi (Arun’s recently deceased wife), who dedicated much of her life to serving the needs of poor women and children in India.

The school is intended to serve as a model that can be easily replicated throughout rural India. Its primary objectives are:

* Impart functional literacy (3R’s) to boys and girls aged 6-14.
* Provide extracurricular activities supporting whole child development.
* Promote vocational education and training for each child.
* Provide learning environments with equal emphasis on the 3 R’s, inculcation of social consciousness, and a sense of values.

The school will be modeled on Gandhian principles of simplicity and self-reliance, will be built in an eco-friendly fashion, and will be structured to easily utilize the help of college-age volunteers from all over the world. The first phase of the school is intended to serve 100 boarding students, and 300 day students.

The AVANI Children’s Home Challenge


Thank you for all who supported our vision so generously.   

The Avani Residential Girls School is completed on one acre of land and operational as of 2022.

GWEI supported the development of the school and the children of AVANI through grants beginning in 2009.

Washi is being developed – Eco-dome 5 acre site, Arun Gandhi’s eternal resting place 2023.


A continuation to further improve the lives of the children of AVANI Ahimsa Peace Institute carries on in the support of Sponsor the Children’s Fund. Click here to add your pebble of sand into the bucket.  We thank you!