End 2014 and Begin 2015 in a Generous Way

Where has the time gone?  Another year, another 365 days has almost flown by.  As we say goodbye to 2014, we look back on all that has been achieved.   The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (GWEI) has embarked on an ambitious multi-pronged program to help eradicate the scourge of poverty and human degradation.  As Gandhi said: “Poverty […]

Beware of Pity Part 2

> Continued from Beware of Pity part-1  … We looked to her for the past few years as our showpiece, our success story. We have tried all possible alternatives but to no avail. She likes cooking. Therefore we thought of giving her training in hospitality or catering. but she did not show any interest in building […]

GWEI and AVANI: A New Revelation

As it appears right now, people may get the impression that we are still planning a Sunanda Memorial School and that is not right because the Board of Directors has taken a decision to call it “Gandhi Center for Learning.” I think this write up will put everything in perspective. GWEI and AVANI Partnership After […]

Remembering Mothers’ Day

It almost seems inadequate for there to only be one day we celebrate for all that these amazing women do. I truly hope each and every Mother can enjoy even a small portion of the love they give to all of us. Thank you for all your love and kindness. In my blog post Sunanda […]

Anuradha on the Plight of India’s Impoverished Children

Ms. Anuradha Bhosale graduated from the Tata School of Social Sciences and decided to educate children living in the slums of Kolhapur, 200 miles south of Bombay (Mumbai). She found that the children could not come to a school because they had to work during the day to supplement the parent's income. Note: THIS is […]

Anuradha Bhosale rescues child laborers and rehabilitates them

Jeevaba Nana Park, where the Avani residential home is located is 7 kilometers from Kolhapur city. Avani is working on the prevention of the many aspects of child exploitation. With scarcity of infrastructure and help of local donors is trying to support children from the deprived classes. The children are provided food, clothes, shelter, proper […]

GoPhil Helps AVANI & Rescued Child Laborers

In September of 2010, GoPhilanthropic visited its partners – AVANI school in Kolhpur, India who provide shelter and education for 36 children who have been rescued from a life of forced child labor. All of the children now attend school and thanks to the dedication of AVANI Director Anuradha Bhosale and others on her team, […]

Kavi, A Realistic Account of Forced Child Labor

In the genre of  Slum Dog Millionaire, Kavi is a short film written-directed and produced by Gregg Helvey focusing on the problem of child labour in India. It was nominated for Oscar in 2010. Its a 19-minute fictional account of a young boy who wants to escape from the brick kiln where he is forced to […]

The Power of Engaged Philanthropy: Seeing for Oneself

The Power of Engaged Philanthropy: Seeing for Oneself by Lydia Dean / GoPhilanthropy “Lydia Didi!!” (Lydia sister) Come and see our play!” screeches one of the beaming AVANI students in Kolhapur, India. But the play I am about to witness is nothing like one I would attend for my own children in Rochester, NY. The […]

Jaipur’s Dream for the Future

  Eleven-year-old Jaipur knows more about AIDS than most anyone her age. Even though she does not have the disease nor does she carry the virus, she has felt the emotional pain as if she were afflicted. Seven years ago, AIDS took the life of her father. Her mother-tested positive prior to his death but […]

The Tour with Heart – Experiencing Gandhi with the Gandhi Family

The Tour with Heart by Joanna Amaral Experiencing Gandhi with the Gandhi Family – what a gift! I certainly took the full plunge into international travel on the Gandhi Legacy Tour. India has an incredible array to offer from slums to million-dollar buildings, the urban hubbub to the rural farms. Almost a year later, I […]

Sunanda and Me – A 50 year partnership

Spontaneity was always the hallmark of my life with Sunanda who died on February 21, 2007, just months short of our 50th wedding anniver-sary. We did not believe in planning. We simply saw a situation and plunged into it. I fell in love with her at first sight in a hospital in Mumbai where she […]

Gandhi Institute Efforts against Child Trafficking Highlighted in BBC Special Report

Gandhi organization’s efforts to combat forced child labor and trafficking will be one of the featured examinations on this week’s BBC World News – the Fast Track series. View BBC report here – Gandhi’s grandson helps India’s poor August 12, 2010 / Wauconda, IL / Dr. Arun Gandhi, President of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute […]

Progress Report from Jean Williams

Here is the latest report from Jean Williams. Good wishes.  — Arun —————————– Editor’s Note: Revised/Updated 4/8/2011 To the GWEI Board – Besides concentrating on the early phases of design, we would like to to share examples of other undertakings of involvement with the Avani School. Scott has illustrated the information I collected and compiled. […]

Anuradha’s Update on the Sunanda Gandhi / Avani School

From Kolhapur / July 20, 2010: Namaste! I would like to update you all on the projects we have been involved in of late with Scott, Jean and Tushar. A donor provided seeds and labor to cultivate the lower part of our land during the monsoon. Therefore, around one acre of land has been occupied […]