Anuradha Bhosale rescues child laborers and rehabilitates them

Jeevaba Nana Park, where the Avani residential home is located is 7 kilometers from Kolhapur city. Avani is working on the prevention of the many aspects of child exploitation. With scarcity of infrastructure and help of local donors is trying to support children from the deprived classes. The children are provided food, clothes, shelter, proper medical and health care along with a quality education.

The social worker Anuradha Bhosale is as a convenior of child rights campaign, member of anti child labor task force and works closely with the children of migrant brickyard workers on their rights to education.

In the first two years of operation,she recused over 160 children from the bondage of child laborer and provided effective rehabilitation through government residential homes. Anuradha performs these function under the Avani Organization.

The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Arun Gandhi has taken the lead role in providing for the substantial expansion of Avani’s work. The Gandhi Worldwide Educational Institute has purchased five acres of land in the rural countryside area of Washi village. This land will be utilized for the effective rehabilitation of the rescued child laborers. This information was given by Anuradha Bhosale to our press reporter.

Avani provides counseling to the migrant parents of the children she is providing education to. The children of divorced and widowed women are more likely to be forced into child labor activities. Avani prioritized these children more.

Avani is currently operating and providing support to 36 of the slums throughout the Kolhapur district. The majority of child laborers have been identified and rescued from tea stalls, hotels, cotton industries, restaurants, construction and brickyards. By 2008, 5,312 children had been identified and regularized into government schools.

Avanis work is extremely extraordinary which saves the childhood of future generation. Our society should support this organization financially donated food and materials. This organization does not receive any government grants or funding, therefore Anuradha and the Avani staff face many hardships but continue to persevere.

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