AVANI Impacts Children’s Lives, Please Help

Akanksha’s Story The Avani organization provides a home for displaced children where all the basic necessities are delivered for 38 children.  Each child has a compelling story that pulls at the heart strings.*   ……..*See: Gandhi Sponsor the Children Fund As an example, Akanksha was only five years old when her father died as a consequence […]

Jaipur’s Dream for the Future

  Eleven-year-old Jaipur knows more about AIDS than most anyone her age. Even though she does not have the disease nor does she carry the virus, she has felt the emotional pain as if she were afflicted. Seven years ago, AIDS took the life of her father. Her mother-tested positive prior to his death but […]

Socializing in India

By Jean Williams The divide between home and work is much more fluid than in the Western world.  It is not unusual to meet someone for the first time and upon departing, the Indian acquaintance most likely will suggest another get-together to include a meal that could be at the person’s home.  Even though there […]

America to Kolhapur: A Mahatma Gandhi inspired Journey

GWEI Directors Anuradha Bhosale, Jean Williams, and Scott Kafora were just featured in the DNA Mumbai news! ———- From America to Kolhapur: The journey Mahatma Gandhi inspired By Mohsin Mulla | DNA News | Friday, Aug 27, 2010 Over 60 years after he died, father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi continues to find followers globally. […]

Progress Report from Jean Williams

Here is the latest report from Jean Williams. Good wishes.  — Arun —————————– Editor’s Note: Revised/Updated 4/8/2011 To the GWEI Board – Besides concentrating on the early phases of design, we would like to to share examples of other undertakings of involvement with the Avani School. Scott has illustrated the information I collected and compiled. […]