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Akanksha’s Story

Jean Williams at Gandhi Worldwide child rescue

Director Jean Williams

The Avani organization provides a home for displaced children where all the basic necessities are delivered for 38 children.  Each child has a compelling story that pulls at the heart strings.*  

……..*See: Gandhi Sponsor the Children Fund

As an example, Akanksha was only five years old when her father died as a consequence of the AIDS virus. As the family was very poor, the father didn’t receive proper healthcare, but her mother was placed on medication that sustains her existence. 

When the word of the family unit having AIDS spread throughout the rural setting, the backlash of emotional pain for Akanksha became overwhelming even though she did not test positive for the virus.

Gandhi Children Rescue CharityThe larger social order of the pastoral community considered the family‘s circumstance to be shameful and to reflect bad karma.  It wasn’t the fact that the parents contacted AIDS that was shameful, but it was the results of the rigid societal norms concerning the dissolution of a family unit for any reason, i.e., divorce, parental abandonment, etc. that resulted in the family being banished.  

Akanksha suffered emotional pain beyond belief as she and her mother were forced out from their life setting and Akanksha lost her family safety net as well as the community support.  Even the immediate family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. would not rescue the child. Fortunately for Akanksha, there was an opening for one child at the Avani home and her young life had a new beginning with a new family and friends.  Now she has support and a structured life that will provide a life chance.  That’s all Akanksha wants – a chance.

The first order of business was to enroll Akanksha in school for the first time and soon it was obvious that she had a love for learning.  In no time at all, she became the English spoke person for the children when Avani presents English speaking ceremonies.  Akanksha seems to have a natural ability for greeting guests as she radiates warmth with a responsive smile. 

She is a resilient child with a dream of becoming a pediatrician.  When she was told how many years of school it would take to reach her goal, she responded without hesitation, “I’ll do it.”

Akanksha receives ample emotional support from the Avani family, but she will need financial support from those who will afford her the life chance to achieve her dream.  All children need a sponsor of $340 yearly to lift their precious lives from the depths of poverty to basic life where school is the prominent goal for these children.

Please Help. (*See: Gandhi Sponsor the Children Fund or click donate button below)

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