Summer Camp is a Special Time

Amita & Asmita v3Every year in the month of May, AVANI organizes summer camp for the children. The duration of the camp is 10 days. The objectives of this “camp” are to help children to develop a variety of different skills, as well as to make each of them aware of their own special talents, potentials and uniqueness.

The preparation of our summer camp begins two months ahead of time.  AVANI’s teachers and rector find the needs of each summer’s camp:  We have our weekly meetings for updating different activities, so basically camp is planned as a regular activity of AVANI.

The schools (formal) where children go to learn are not able to identify the hidden talents of the students nor are they taught critical life skills. That is a key reason why our annual summer camp is organized.

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During the 10 day camp period AVANI invites different resource persons.  Their morning begins with exercise and Yoga for 45 minutes, followed by morning prayers from and for all the religions: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.

Every camp day the first part begins with great life stories of legendary heroes of India, especially from the state of Maharashtra , including King Shivaji, Rajershi Shahu, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Savitribai Phule, and Dr. Kiran Bedi

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Other activities and classes include the Japanese style origami paper arts; making the best out of western recycled materials (with mud, newspapers etc.); handwriting improvement; gender equality; conservation of all the types of natural resources; nature study; and value of education. 

The children are each given opportunities to reveal their talents in terms of dance, singing, public speaking, handwriting, leadership skills, team work, and more.

This camp helps and enables them to become confidant. They learn to work in teams. Everything is taught to them in a relaxed non-formal way, including through storytelling, showing them social moves, Games (Indoor – out door) and group discussion.

We invite supporters of AVANI to visit the organization during this summer camp period. Meet the children and the much-loved resource volunteers who donate their time and knowledge selflessly to the children.

All of us who work with the children get to know them more deeply and it helps us to establish a lasting friendship with each child in many meaningful ways.

Please support our work here, and if you can visit us, come for the summer camp and have some fun!

Love, Anuradha

Image Credits: Scott Kafora / Teysha Photography

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