In addition to the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, two other registered tax-exempt public organizations are involved in the planning and execution of this project.

They are:

The Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, Mumbai, India

Founded in 1995 the foundation exists to spread Gandhi’s message of nonviolence, including its integral concept of “Sarvodaya” (the welfare of all), with an emphasis on informal education. Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of M.K. Gandhi, is now Managing Trustee of the Foundation.

TUSHAR GANDHI, son of Arun and Sunanda, and Managing Trustee of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation has also done work among the poor and distressed in Bombay city apart from being a renowned speaker on Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence.

The AVANI Foundation,  Kolhapur India

The residential school of Avani was organized by Anuradha Bhosale as an answer to the “Rights of Children” campaign of the United Nations. Rescuing exploited children and educating them is one way of rehabilitating children born in poverty. Anuradha was inspired and supported by Arun Chavan and the Verala Development Society which has been transforming the lives of India’s destitute since the 1960’s.

ARUN CHAVAN began his life as a professor of English at the University in Kolhapur but when he saw the destitution of the poor and the hungry he began to wonder why he was teaching English when so many millions needed food and sustenance. He gave up his job, began the Verala Development Society in the early 1960s and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

ANURADHA BHOSALE (Bho-sale) is a young graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai. Unlike other graduates of this Institute Anuradha did not seek a comfortable corporate job but decided to dedicate her life to the poor. In Kolhapur she organized a team of young volunteers to teach poor slum children. From this the concept of AVANI as a residential school was born.