Progress Report from Jean Williams

Here is the latest report from Jean Williams. Good wishes.  — Arun


Editor’s Note: Revised/Updated 4/8/2011

To the GWEI Board –

Besides concentrating on the early phases of design, we would like to to share examples of other undertakings of involvement with the Avani School. Scott has illustrated the information I collected and compiled.

My comments are found below this document –

* The Mission and Community Involvement depicts the interrelated nature of Avani’s functions.

* The Map of Avani Brickyard School Locations reveals the 18 sites where child laborers have been rescued by Avani and three recent photos of brickyard teaching sites.

* The Map of Child Labor Rescue Locations portrays services coordinated by Avani. The sites indicate the discovery of illegal child labor along with photos of children who were working as young as seven years old.

* The last two pages are The Student Profiles of Pallavi and Sunil who exemplify the children in residence at Avani.

Scott’s illustrated format (above) can be expanded, downloaded and/or printed by clicking on a page, Click twice for zoom to full size.

Any questions or comments would be welcome.

Regards and Love,

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