End 2014 and Begin 2015 in a Generous Way

250_250_konectIDY_AWhere has the time gone?  Another year, another 365 days has almost flown by.  As we say goodbye to 2014, we look back on all that has been achieved.  

The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (GWEI) has embarked on an ambitious multi-pronged program to help eradicate the scourge of poverty and human degradation.  As Gandhi said: “Poverty is the worse form of violence,” and must be tackled on all fronts to ensure human rights and human dignity to those who are victims of societal exploitation. Mere passiveness does not affect real change, and for Gandhi’s principal of “non-violence” to be effective, action must be taken.

The GWEI continues to actively work to rescue children from the poorest sections of Indian society: children who are born into a life destined for grueling forced labor, severely unstable family situations, and often in the case of girls—sexual abuse.  Under the heroic leadership of Anuradha Bhosale, the GWEI has partnered with NGO, AVANI, and continues to work on their extraordinary initiative —the Gandhi Center For Learning.  

Gandhi Eco DomeThis community and school is the result of Arun Gandhi and his late wife, Sunanda’s nearly 30 years of work in India, rescuing and finding homes for hundreds of abandoned children. Now, those five acres are becoming a transformative environment and refuge for India’s neglected children.

Great progress was made on the AVANI School in India, culminating with the finishing of the Eco-Dome Project.  You can read more about the progress, and view pictures here.  

Aruna and Mehndi at Gandhi CenterAVANI also had its first student continue with her education past the 10th grade this year.  Aruna is determined to become a doctor.

As we wrap up another busy year, and head into 2015, we are all making resolutions of change and growth for 2015.  A great way to start off the year making a difference is to donate to the GWEI.  Remember that you have until December 31, 2014, to donate in time to take a 2014 tax deduction.  

ghandi_worldwide_bracelet AAA

If you would rather give and receive (more than just a tax credit), through the simple gesture of purchasing the #GandhiBracelet, you have the opportunity to make a real difference, helping to end child labor and bring education to all by supporting the work of the GWEI and its partner NGO, AVANI.

So as we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, I would encourage you to end 2014, and begin 2015, by paying it forward with a donation to the GWEI.  Your donations will help GWEI continue its excellent work along with its partner NGO, AVANI.  

Here’s to making 2015 another successful year!

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