AHIMSA by Hal How friendly is our universe? How do we relate to the opposites that always exist in our time and space?

The Power of Engaged Philanthropy: Seeing for Oneself

The Power of Engaged Philanthropy: Seeing for Oneself by Lydia Dean / GoPhilanthropy “Lydia Didi!!” (Lydia sister) Come and see our play!” screeches one of the beaming AVANI students in Kolhapur, India. But the play I am about to witness is nothing like one I would attend for my own children in Rochester, NY. The […]

Jaipur’s Dream for the Future

  Eleven-year-old Jaipur knows more about AIDS than most anyone her age. Even though she does not have the disease nor does she carry the virus, she has felt the emotional pain as if she were afflicted. Seven years ago, AIDS took the life of her father. Her mother-tested positive prior to his death but […]

The Tour with Heart – Experiencing Gandhi with the Gandhi Family

The Tour with Heart by Joanna Amaral Experiencing Gandhi with the Gandhi Family – what a gift! I certainly took the full plunge into international travel on the Gandhi Legacy Tour. India has an incredible array to offer from slums to million-dollar buildings, the urban hubbub to the rural farms. Almost a year later, I […]

Sunanda and Me – A 50 year partnership

Spontaneity was always the hallmark of my life with Sunanda who died on February 21, 2007, just months short of our 50th wedding anniver-sary. We did not believe in planning. We simply saw a situation and plunged into it. I fell in love with her at first sight in a hospital in Mumbai where she […]