Remembering Mothers’ Day

Sunanda Gandhi with daughter Archana Prasad


It almost seems inadequate for there to only be one day we celebrate for all that these amazing women do. I truly hope each and every Mother can enjoy even a small portion of the love they give to all of us. Thank you for all your love and kindness. In my blog post Sunanda and Me – A 50 year partnership I choose to reflect on one of the great mothers – my dearly departed wife Sunanda. This post is in honor of her and the Sunanda Memorial School. I know that she looks lovingly upon the progress of our Kolhapur facility and Anuradha Bhosale’s AVANI organization, so please give generously to our important cause.… 

 … and IF applicable, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Very Sincerely, Arun



  1. Thank you for a wonderful Mother’s day message! Namaste!

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