Paul Vallely: All praise to the stiff upper lip

Paul Vallely: All praise to the stiff upper lip
Once he was every schoolboy’s hero. I am gender-specific here deliberately, for what was celebrated in Scott of the Antarctic was a kind of manliness, which then went out of fashion. Modern heroes do not have “of” in their name in the way they did in the imperial era, like Gordon of Khartoum or Clive of India. Nor is their virtue that of the stiff upper lip.
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Toronto doctor helped children overcome devastating injuries
Robert Salter, one of the world’s most famous orthopedic surgeon, never lost the human touch that made him a hero to his young patients
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How to teach kids to care about the world without scaring them off the planet
Caring without scaring: Tips on teaching your child about what’s going on in the world, showing empathy and how to figure out a way to help.
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