The Many Children Who Died

This is part two of Arun Gandhi’s Swedish adoption post ‘My 132 Grandchildren. Readers are cautioned, this post contains graphic images and content. The Many Who Died By Arun Gandhi Pain and pleasure are like the two sides of the same coin. If saving 128 children brought us joy, there were many heartaches as well. […]

Arun Gandhi Reunion with Swedish Grandchildren

Arun just returned from Sweden where he had an amazing reunion with his special 132 grandchildren… enjoy! Source: Arun Gandhi My 132 Grandchildren! By Arun Gandhi Just got back from Sweden where I had a reunion with 32 of my 132 grandchildren! Sounds goofy? Maybe, but it is a fact. In another life, when Sunanda and […]

Anuradha Bhosale Receives Prestigious Award on National TV

KOLHAPUR, INDIA: Anuradha Bhosale was recently presented with a very prestigious award on national Indian television from the well respected Indian Supreme Court Justice, Mrudula Bhatkar. She brought several children from AVANI with her. The award was presented on Zee Marathi TV, one of the most popular Marathi channels and that has carved a niche […]

Discover the Living Legacy of Gandhi

Source Gandhi Legacy Tour: The Legacy of Gandhi Beckons by Tushar Gandhi Welcome to a journey of discovery of the living legacy of Gandhi. Mohandas K. Gandhi, Mahatma, Bapu as we call him with affection said ‘My life is my message.’ The Legacy tour revisits the philosophy of Gandhi by visiting various places where the […]

Remembering Sushila Gandhi 1907-1988

   Our Ba (grandmother), Sushila Mashruwala Gandhi born August 24,1907, was a lady of grace and beauty, a force to reckon with, (for the apartheid government of South Africa), a wizard in the kitchen, a fabulous story teller, dignified simplicity personified, had the funniest sense of humor and above all was the most loving Grandma […]

Miracles Rising In Kolhapur!

As GWEI president and founder, Dr. Arun Gandhi, has stated: “It is a sad commentary on our civilization that millions of children all over the world are denied basic amenities like, food, shelter, clothes and education.  If civilization is measured by the way it treats its children then we are far from being a civilized […]

What is it about our obsession with terrorism?

[Editor’s note: Originally posted to my blog @ What’s with our obession with terrorism?] Our obsession with terrorism has driven many of us into such a frenzy of fear that it often borders on the ridiculous.*  I recently met a middle-aged gentleman from the upper middle class economic.  He was very curious about my frequent travels […]

Education Can Light the Way!

Originally published at Gandhi Legacy Tour Education Can Light the Way!  – Anuradha Bhosale The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (GWEI) has a vision to provide the imperiled children of India with a safe place where they will be housed and fed while they receive training to prepare them for a life outside the prison of poverty. […]

Remove Poverty’s Underpinning: Rescue and Educate!

Character Education, Social Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence are “hot” terms used in the world of Education today.  The definitions and structures of these initiatives are by no means new.  Philosophers, Sociologists and Educators have focused on this for centuries as being a critical component of our success as a species.  In a recent conversation […]

AVANI’s Rescue of a Child Results in Freedom for Her Mother

Nagama’s name means “snake,” the name her father gave her when she was born because he was hoping for a son instead of a daughter. For the past three years, Nagama has been the top student at Avani school in Kolhapur, India, winning awards and receiving straight A’s on her report card. If she had […]

The needs of “at risk” children are worldwide

When she was a little girl listening to me tell “her story” at bedtime, I promised her that when she was a teenager I would take her back to her native country of China to see the orphanage at which she spent her first nine months of life before being adopted. Last month that promised […]

Gandhi, God and All of Us Together

Ever since I was a child I have felt the presence of God in my life. But, unfortunately like so many young people, I found myself and my spiritual life hijacked by a fundamental religion or otherwise “boxed-up version of God.” I would find myself going to church and being yelled at by any number […]

A Dream Called AVANI

Hal Edwards has traveled to India and Egypt where he became personally involved with Arun and his family. In addition to being a pastoral psychotherapist and spiritual director, he is involved with Contemplative Outreach, Ltd, a worldwide movement that teaches the ancient meditation method of centering prayer. He has four children and ten grandkids. Gardening, […]

AVANI’s First Graduate: Sunil Kamble’s Story

Sunil Kamble was the first in his family to graduate from school.   The SSC exam (Secondary School Certificate) is a state board final exam all students must pass out of their 10th grade of secondary school education. Once a student passes the exam, they are eligible to enroll in junior college for the next […]

Remembering ‘Bapu’ on Father’s Day!

The concept of celebrating Father’s Day is relatively new in India. The idea of celebrating Father’s Day has been imported from western countries mainly US, barely a decade ago. However, it is remarkable to note that the idea of observing a day in honor of fathers has been appreciated by Indians to a large extent. […]