Bapu’s Birthday sees Prep for Gandhi Center Expansion

Scott's video below shows the work that was taking place to prepare for the next phase of development of the first (of many!) Gandhi Center for Learning. This is a moderately large video file size and is 5-1/2 minutes long. It is best viewed after it downloads completely to your monitor.

Guest Post from photo-journalist and GWEI Director Scott Kafora of Teysha

I apologize for the delay in sending these images of the October 2nd plantation program. It took me two full days just to edit and produce the video and all the photos. As we are moving out of the monsoon season, we are experiencing more power outages than usual. 

Robert Browning once said, "… a man's reach should exceed his grasp." We are so close to achieving the start of our vision for the Gandhi Center for Learning in Kolhapur.

The program was a huge success. Over 200 people were in attendance along with 10 different news agencies. The cross section of the audience included rural villagers, community leaders, local politicians, military personnel, college students, social workers, members of the medical, legal and agricultural community, architects, engineers, and teachers.

Teysha video of Gandhi Center preparations on Peace DayThere are so many stories I want to share with each of you about the level of cooperation, commitment and individual participation I have witnessed during the establishment of our center. One such story is about 216 villagers from the surrounding 3 communities. Most, if not all live below the poverty line (BPL) as defined by the government. That line is about $21.60 per month working an average seven day work week. In order to survive, it is vital that they earn some income each day. Yet, each of these villagers gave up an entire work day to volunteer at our site and assist in the site preparation. Before leaving, each villager committed to donate two additional full days of labor in any capacity once construction begins.

Please view the video first if you are able to. It is important for you to see the choreography of movement in and around our site.

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