Local Hero Rescues Girl Sold by Her Father

Source: Sakal Daily

In the streets of a small town, Kagal, some citizens had noticed a small girl of 9 years tending a bunch of donkeys. They came to know from her that she was sold by her drunkard father to a local owner of a brick kiln.

Her plight was brought to the notice of a well-known educationist from Kolhapur. He in turn asked Anuradha Bhosale to look into the matter.

Anuradha Bhosale Rescues Girl

Anuradha visited the labor site and spoke with PriyaMumtaj. The girl told Anuradha that, "For just 1200 rupees (US$26.96) my father sold me here to this owner. I am troubled by these people. I am also worried about my other sister and brother and hope they have not been sold too."

Kagal police were made aware of the relevant section of the Juvenile Justice Act by Anuradha and their duty in the matter. With the assistance of the police, her sister and brother were also rescued a short time later begging on the streets. All three children have been reunited and are under the care of the Child Welfare Committee of Kolhapur, India. They are all attending school for the first time in their lives.

Thus for this innocent girl, PriyaMumtaj, a new life of untrammeled growth was opened up, thanks to Anuradha.


  1. If something like this happened in my locale of Spokane WA I would see that the father was prosecuted to the fullest of the law, non-violently of course.

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