Miracles Rising In Kolhapur!

As GWEI president and founder, Dr. Arun Gandhi, has stated: It is a sad commentary on our civilization that millions of children all over the world are denied basic amenities like, food, shelter, clothes and education.  If civilization is measured by the way it treats its children then we are far from being a civilized society.”

Gandhi Miracles in Kolhapur IndiaDuring my tenure as a GWEI Board member I have seen amazing life-changing and life-rescuing miracles occur frequently as our charitable Indian partners, AVANI and Ms. Anuradha Bhosale daily fight for children’s rights and against those who would exploit the young and innocent for labor and trafficking. 

Weekly and even daily we see the miracle of AVANI’s mission save young lives and the promise of childhood.  Not a week goes by that I do not weep with happiness for the life-changing hope and stories that emerge from Kolhapur India and the Gandhi Child Rescue and Education Mission that we steward.

Stories like this appearing regularly in our blog reflect the hope of humankind portrayed by our important work –

The good work Miracles of AVANI in Kolhapur IndiaAs GWEI Board member, Joanna Amaral recently wrote: “The AVANI organization does the tireless and honorable work of rescuing children from labor camps, or abusive and dismal situations including brothels and sex trafficking. These children deserve nutrition, education and a chance at a better life.”

As Tushar Gandhi has frequently and passionately stated: “Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute was formed to address the plight of impoverished children in India and throughout the world, and to raise funds to build the Gandhi Education Center in Kolhapur.”

What might we accomplish if 100,000 or even just 10,000 caring donors contributed just $10 per month (just 33 cents per day) for twelve months? We could transform the lives of 1000s of impoverished children and their families. Is this too much to ask

Please help us make “miracles as usual!”


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