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New Website Music – A Very Special Alap Raga

Our website now has a sound – its the divine sound of Alap Raga as interpreted by world-class eastern music artist and flutist John Wubbenhorst!

About the Alap

The Alap (English pronunciation: /æˈlɑːp/, Hindustani: [aːˈlaːp]) is the opening section of a typical North Indian classical performance. It is unmetered, improvised (within the raga) and unaccompanied (except for the tanpura drone), and started at a slow tempo. In instrumental performance and dhrupad singing, this part receives heavy emphasis and can last for more than an hour; in the more popular modern vocal style of khyal, generally less so.

John Wubbenhorst in concert About John Wubbenhorst

John has the unique distinction of being a fluent virtuoso on both the Bansuri (bamboo flute) and Western flute. He is truly a World musician having played and studied Western classical and jazz as well as Eastern music in Europe and Asia. Today he performs in a variety of contexts and has played with many renowned musicians including Paul Horn, Victor Wooten, Howard Levy, Paul McCandless, Jack DeJohnette and many others. . In 1992 I left the U.S. for India to study with the transverse and bansuri flute master Hariprasad Chaurasia, and played the wood flute fairly exclusively with Chaurasia for two years.

During the 1980’s John moved to Washington DC where he began to study South Indian vocal music with Raju Soundararajan and Usha Char while he continued to play jazz and world music.

John’s Story in his words …

“I’ve always felt that music is a doorway to the Divine or a way for us to get out of our normal consciousness and into greater truth, light and love. I remember as a child being awestruck in church at the great power and Divinity of music. I felt that the people up there talking didn’t really radiate the truth but the music was saying it!!

During trips to India I delved deeper into my spiritual search and visited many ashrams and gurus. I was most impressed by the teachings and transmission of Ramana Maharshi a sage in southern India who passed away in the 1950s. Recently I’ve been blessed to come to into the influence of World teacher Avatar Adi Da Samraj and feel his wisdom deeply enliven the core of my being to the truth that always was and is.


  1. John Wubbenhorst’s flute music is wonderful!


  2. pushthepop says

    Fabulous Indian raga music by a westerner!


  3. Undoubtedly the best eastern flute ragga I have ever heard! I recorded this to my iPod so that I could listen to it on my concrete patio jobs Thanks so much!


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