Delhi Child Labour Rescue Team Attacked and Hospitalized

Several activists of a city-based child rights NGO were on Thursday allegedly attacked and severely beaten up by some people while they were trying to rescue child labourers.

India Child LaborA group of “traffickers” allegedly attacked workers of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) with knives and iron rods in Khureji area of east Delhi and forcibly took away some child labourers they had rescued from there.


Four BBA workers were hospitalised with serious injuries to stomach, head and chest, Kailash Satyarthi, founder of the NGO, said. The attackers also threatened him with a gun.

BBA regularly gives tip-off to police and labour department about child labourers being engaged in manufacturing units in the city. Satyarthi said several such incidents targeting them have occurred in recent months.

“A mob of hundreds had gathered there. Police were accompanying us but there were only three constables and they could do little to stop the attackers. BBA has been responsible for rescue of more than 1200 child labourers in Delhi and it seems that the traffickers have got united to target is,” he said.

The NGO has filed a complaint with Geeta Colony police station, he said.

“We demand that Delhi Police should take steps to provide security and protection to BBA activists and take stringent action against anti-social elements who are behind repeated attacks on us,” BBA president Ramesh Gupta said.


  1. That’s quite horrible and I see that everywhere around the world, volunteers of NGOs are attacked while they protect children. What a drama !

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