The Many Children Who Died

This is part two of Arun Gandhi’s Swedish adoption post ‘My 132 Grandchildren. Readers are cautioned, this post contains graphic images and content. The Many Who Died By Arun Gandhi Pain and pleasure are like the two sides of the same coin. If saving 128 children brought us joy, there were many heartaches as well. […]

Bangladesh Child Laborers: Victims of apathy and neglect

Bangladesh's child population (under 18), comprising 45% of the total population are virtually unnoticed. They are vast untapped wealth that could be turned into effective manpower. Born mostly of poor parents, the male children supplement the meager income of the parents, while most female children in urban areas work as domestic help. A big number […]

American For-Profit Prisons Unleash Brutality on Kids

Privatization of the US youth prison industry handed soaring profits and a history of brutal injustice to its incarcerated youth and their families. The Walnut Grove story is a cautionary tale that raises alarming questions about the treatment of youthful, mostly nonviolent offenders in Mississippi and elsewhere. And it calls into question the wisdom of turning […]