Anuradha Bhosale to Attend U.S. Gatherings

Anuradha Bhosale bb Anuradha Bhosale Nominated for Human Rights AwardSoon Anuradha Bhosale will travel from India to the U.S. to attend meetings and other gatherings in Chicago, Rochester NY, for the express purpose of raising awareness in continuing support for the GWEI-AVANI Child Education Residence in Kolhapur India.

During her visit stateside,scheduled for June of this year, Ms. Bhosale will speak at gatherings hosted by GWEI and its supporters.
Anuradha Bhosale is a highly cherished hero to thousands of impoverished children and their families. Ms Bhosale is a renowned grassroots women’s rights and anti-child labor activist based in Kolhapur, India where more than 35,000 children are involved in daily labor for local industries. A former child-laborer herself at the age of six, she has spent the past 20 years fighting for the prevention of child exploitation, labor, trafficking, and female infanticide.
           and – Bandit Queen of the Social Movement

As founder of the WCRC (Women and Child Rights Campaign), she has educated, trained and empowered thousands of widowed, divorced and deprived women in the rural areas of India to stand up and fight for their rights as allowed by the Indian constitution. 52,000 of them now receive some $714,000 in monthly government pension checks they were previously unaware of being entitled to.
As founder of the AVANI organization, she has facilitated the rescue of 541 child laborers, provided 5,604 nomadic migrant children and school drop outs the right to health care and education, organized the construction of schools inside the brickyard labor camps and established a residential home for migrant children.

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