Father’s Day in India – Remembering ‘Bapu’

The concept of celebrating Father’s Day is very new in India. The idea of celebrating Fathers Day has been imported from western countries mainly US, perhaps less than a decade ago. However, it is remarkable to note that the idea of observing a day in honor of fathers has been appreciated by Indians to a large extent. Today, millions of people in India observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June by expressing gratitude for their father or men who are like father.


And the Father of modern India is of course MK Gandhi. Gandhi is revered as Bapu, which means father of the nation. Gandhi devoted every moment of his life to the service of mankind, especially the weaker sections of the society. From Cape Town in South Africa to Calcutta in India, for well over five decades, Gandhi launched his epic struggle against the evil forces of apartheid, casteism, and imperialism. He worked ceaselessly for the upliftment of villages, Harijan welfare, communal harmony and social justice. All his movements were based on non-violence, truth and love. He inspired the entire nation to achieve independence from the British rule . His main weapons are non-violence and non-cooperation through this weapon he won the independence from British rule .


Remembering ‘Bapu’

In an effort to spread a message of peace and non-violence in the world, over 200 students from a school in Coimbatore, India, dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi just days ago.

The students managed to set up a new record and got the event registered in Limca Book of Records.

Limca Book of Records: “For them it is a question of giving inspiration to the rest of the country’s children that not to forget the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was the father of the nation after all… we are going ahead to the 21st century, we tend to forget that how we got independence, who was responsible… And for us to be able to set this record in the Book, in Limca Book of Records 2011 is a very, very proud moment.”

Karthic Barathi, Participant: “Gandhi is the father of our nation and he loved peace and non-violence. I am very proud to be as Gandhi for a day.”

The students walked in the midst of a crowd holding a bamboo cane in their hands and singing a patriotic song. In keeping with the spirits of the event, some students chose to shave their heads. Others covered it with a light colored cloth. They wore round glasses, sported false moustache, and draped with a white cloth and an upper garment.

From the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute we wish all Fathers a happy day, and most especially, we wish India and our Beloved Bapu our most reverent Happy Father’s Day.


  1. May I appeal to Mr. Arun Gandhi and all other grand children and great children of Gandhiji to get rid of fake Gandhi’s ruling India for the last 45 years and SAVE India from the looming Disaster. It is important that you lead people and help realise the vision of Gandhiji for a prosperous, peaceful and glorious India. People are ready for you, if you come forward NOW!

    ENOUGH of THIS GRAND Deception and LOOTING of Mother India. We are playing our small part to make this happen but we can liberate more than a 1 Billion (perhaps the rest of 5 billion in the world as well). PLEASE COME BACK AND LEAD AGAIN!!

    • Thank you for your impassioned plea, Dr. Jain. Your presence here and your message of Swaraj is most welcome. – Arun

  2. Dr. Mohan ji Jain has told it all as it is.  We must save India from this fake Gandhi.

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