How Much is Child Poverty Costing India?

A guest post by Puja Marwaha | CRY Illness, premature death, illiteracy, incomplete schooling – do these deprivations have a price tag attached? Is childhood spent in poverty and deprivation costing the country? The answer to this difficult question is, yes. A childhood minus basic rights – especially the right to food and the right […]


Thanks goes to Sudha Kaur in India for her thoughtful guest post! RE-THINKING CHILD LABOUR by Sudha Kaur The arduous issue of child labour is a developmental issue worth investigating. The conception that children are being exploited and forced into labour, while not receiving education severe to developments, concerns many people. India is the one […]

Anuradha Koirala Named ‘CNN Hero’ for 2010 Anti-Human Trafficking

Meet Anuradha Koirala, a crusader known for her anti-human trafficking drive through her non-profit making organisation Maiti Nepal and often labelled the ‘Terminator’ by human traffickers. Maiti has saved more than 12,000 girls from sex slavery and prevented 45,000 children and women from being trafficked at the India-Nepali border. For her untiring efforts, September 5 […]

Child Labour in India, A Slide Show by Kayla

Thanks goes out to Kayla McKenzie for this hauntingly sad and poignant slide show of child labourers set to rich music.  Kayla created this video for a class project to bring greater awareness to this worldwide travesty. Thank you so much Miss McKenzie!

Child labour – The worst menace of all time

A guest post by Akshay Mahajan at – Child labour, also referred to as child slavery by many, is one of the worst effects of poverty as seen in India and many other countries. What is child labour ? Child labour actually refers to employing children for various tasks at an age when they […]

Forms of Child Labour Found in Asia

Bonded child labour is extensively rooted in socio-cultural and political structures in parts of South Asia. Source: Sona Sahu / – “Child is the father of the man” or he is the future of tomorrow? But no more. With the growing exploitation and the way we are depriving him of his basic rights, the […]

CNN photographs shocking child labor images at Commonwealth Games construction

The images, taken by Harvard fellow Mr Kara and released by CNN, drew criticism from Save The Children. ‘We are concerned about reports of young children working on construction sites,’ said the charity. ————– Carrying the can: A naked child walks with a pail as Commonwealth Games labourers look on at a site in Delhi […]

UNICEF: Child Labor Must End

Worldwide, the latest UNICEF report from New Zealand estimates nearly 160 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labor – equivalent to half the population of the United States. UNICEF: 4 October 2010: While New Zealanders watch their team compete in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, many children in India will never have the […]

CNN Video: Child Labor at Commonwealth Games

Trafficking expert Siddharth Kara on the use of child labor in New Delhi where the Commonwealth Games is being held: “I reliably documented, in just a few days, 32 cases of forced labor and 14 cases of child labor all for construction related to the Commonwealth Games,” Kara said on Connect the World. “The children […]

Video: Child Labour In India

Video from World Vision Australia gives us insight into Child Labour. 280 million children in the world are involved in Child Labour, India is home to the largest number of child laborers. Incoming search terms:sxe vibeo (28)sxe vido (23)sxe video (17)sxeindea (10)

Indian Child Labor Readying Commonwealth Games

A recent article in the Toronto Star newspaper focuses on some disturbing examples of children as young as four working long days on the Games facilities. Meet four-year-old Ajay. Source: Rick Westhead | NEW DELHI—It’s crunch time in New Delhi and Ajay, a bright-eyed four-year-old with cropped hair and a handsome smile, is working 13-hour […]

The ‘Gray Areas’ of Child Labor

Earlier in the week NPR’s Neal Conan interviewed Jane Stewart, special representative and director of the International Labour Organization’s office to the United Nations, formerly minister of human resources in Canada. Listen online here Read NPR Transcript – This is TALK OF THE NATION. Im Neal Conan in Washington. The campaign to eliminate the horrors […]

Trafficking and Child Sex Booming in South Asia

Source: Mahmuda Begum | There are one-fifth population in the world lived in South Asian region. Poverty is one of the main problem in this region. Most of them earn in here less than a dollar a day. Several studies have shown that girl children and women bear a disproportionately large burden of the […]

India is a Hub of Child Trafficking, Says State Dept

India is a major hub of human trafficking in forced labor and sexual exploitation, especially of children, noted the U.S. State Department in a report released recently.

India’s poverty amid plenty

See also – Indian Children have a Right to Adequate Food Nutrition EDITORIAL: India’s poverty amid plenty 10 August 2010 | Khaleei Times The New York Times has carried a rather interesting report by its correspondent on the widening chasm between its rich and poor, with particular focus on the government’s poverty alleviation measures. While […]