Number of world’s hungry falls 10%

Source: Financial Times By Javier Blas, Commodities Editor

Published: September 14 2010 12:34 | Last updated: September 14 2010 18:36

Number of undernourished people in the worldThe number of chronically hungry people will decline 10 per cent this year, the first fall since 1995, said the UN, while warning the global agreement to cut the percentage of people suffering from hunger by 2015 was in jeopardy.

The recent spike in cereal, meat and sugar prices, which has pushed global food prices to a two-year high, could further derail recent progress, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation said.

One target of the Millennium Development Goals, agreed by world leaders a decade ago, is to halve the proportion of undernourished people in developing countries by 2015, setting a goal of 10 per cent.

But the FAO said on Tuesday that the percentage was still far above the MDG target, falling this year to 16 per cent, down from 18 per cent last year.

The Rome-based agriculture body said a “more favourable economic environment” in developing countries this year, coupled with lower prices than during the 2007-08 boom, had cut the total number of undernourished people to about 925m, down nearly 10 per cent from a peak of more than 1bn last year.

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