Give the Gift that Gives Back this Holiday Season

British Christmas

With the holiday season upon us, many are rushing around trying to complete our shopping, looking for the perfect gift for each person on our list.  During this season of giving, it can be difficult not to become frustrated by the commercialization of the season.  

Many of us find the materialism involved with gift giving to be our least favorite part of a season which is supposed to be full of giving, cheer, and goodwill.  However, we still want to celebrate this time of year and give, no matter how big or small, to those around us.


A great way to celebrate the abundance and spirit of the season is to give a gift that gives back.  The Gandhi for Children Bracelet (#GandhiBracelet) by KonectIDY is the perfect way to give to your friends and family while giving back to the global community and spreading awareness for a worthy cause.

The #GandhiBracelet is the official bracelet of The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute.  Through the simple gesture of purchasing the #GandhiBracelet, you have the opportunity to make a real difference, helping to end child labor and bring education to all by supporting the work of The Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and its partner NGO, AVANI.

ghandi_worldwide_bracelet AAAThe #GandhiBracelet is a constant reminder that the soul is healed by loving children, and features four colored beads:

· White—the color of purity, empowering awakening.

· Grey—the combination of black and white, creating the space for compromise.

· Orange—the color of new ideas, freeing the spirit of its limitations.

· Black—the mysterious color of power, absorbing and protecting from negative energy.

As Arun Gandhi has said, “Nobody really has the means to transform this whole world. We have to do little things that ultimately grow into big things and make a big difference.”

Do your small part today to transform this world.  Order the #GandhiBracelet for you, your family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances HERE.  The #GandhiBracelet is an affordable, accessible, and easy way to support a great cause, show your support, and spread the message.  Wear the #GandhiBracelet, and share your pictures on social media using #GandhiBracelet and see yourself on the Gandhi for Children Wall.  Make your holiday shopping a breeze, help brighten someone’s holiday season, and help change this world we live in, one bracelet and one child at a time.

Working with KonectIDY GWEI designed The “Gandhi For Children” Bracelet (#GandhiBracelet;, to serve as a constant reminder and daily affirmation that the soul is healed by loving children.

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