Arun Gandhi to Provide Keynote Address at Brazilian Education Conference

Source: Catalyst House

arun ps 2Salvador Bahia, Brazil — (SBWIRE) — 06/23/2012 — Dr. Arun Gandhi, noted peace and human rights activist and president of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (‘GWEI’) has accepted an invitation to provide keynote address from the Brazilian City of Salvador Bahia (Salvador da Bahia) at the City’s annual Education in the First Place Forum, it was announced today by Emilia Queiroga Barros its Executive Director. Dr. Gandhi’s keynote opening entitled: ‘Education, a Legacy of Love will be given on June 26, 2012 at the Teatro Castro Alves complex.

Arun Gandhi, the fifth grandson of Indian leader Mohandas K. Gandhi, aka Mahatma Gandhi, is an advocate for nonviolence and has been a Washington Post columnist, has worked for 30 years as a journalist for The Times of India, and is the author of several books, including "A Patch of White" (1949) and Legacy of Love (2002). In 2011 Dr. Gandhi provided the keynote address to a gathering of 30,000 attendees at Dali Lama’s birthday event in Washington DC.

An ardent peace worker, Dr. Gandhi said: “For centuries we have been brainwashed into believing that violence is the only way we can remain secure. Because of this dependence on violence, we have created a culture of violence that dominates every aspect of human life — language, entertainment, speech, relationships, etc. Those who believe in nonviolence need to educate through their own life and make people realize that resorting to violence only creates more enemies and more conflicts. We have to live the philosophy and through demonstration inspire people to change. “

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world,” is what my grandfather has said, added Dr. Gandhi.

In addition to Dr. Gandhi’s demanding speaking tour, he is the catalyst behind the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, which works to rescue children from extreme poverty, bonded labor and sexual exploitation. He also leads an annual 14 day pilgrimage ‘Gandhi Legacy Tour’ in India, retracing the steps of his grandfather for sincere philanthropic travelers.

“As Arunji has often said, there are many evils still rampant in our 21st Century world, not the least of which are the three malignant sisters of child malnutrition, child trafficking and forced child labor, and continued lack of child education. As planetary awareness builds around these issues we hope to see these destroyers of childhood promise eradicated,” quoted Lynnea Bylund president of Catalyst House. Bylund’s agency works with GWEI, Gandhi Legacy Tour, and promotes Dr. Gandhi’s worldwide speaking engagements. 10-10-10


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