Anuradha’s Update on the Sunanda Gandhi / Avani School

From Kolhapur / July 20, 2010:

Namaste! I would like to update you all on the projects we have been involved in of late with Scott, Jean and Tushar.

A donor provided seeds and labor to cultivate the lower part of our land during the monsoon. Therefore, around one acre of land has been occupied with ground nuts. We plan on harvesting in the end of October. I would like you to show you some photos:


When Scott and Jean arrived in May, I told them that our present dormitory for the boys was overcrowded. Also, the government would have certainly taken an objection to keep boys and girls together under the same roof. I have had this concern for more than one year. Scott and Jean agreed that we must comply with the government rules. An engineer had already submitted a simple design for a building that would house up to 20 boys next to the present Avani structure in the organic farm. So with the help of MGF, the building is under construction and will be finished within two weeks. Scott insisted that this be a temporary structure with all the building materials to be able to be reused at our new site. Photos:


The children bath and wash their clothes behind the Avani building. During the rains it was not easy for them to have bath and for their clothes to dry. The engineer assisted with a simple metal design that will also be disassembled when we move to the new school.


The Department of Forestry and Agriculture agreed to meet with Scott and I after we spoke with a botonist able the proper plants and trees that would grow with limited water on our land. They recommended a 2-3 year plantation plan. Trenches that would hold rain water for trees and plants and a farm pond were recommended. A site contractor who is a donor offered to help when we needed him.

Scott accompanied me on several places for the survey of child labor. Photos:


Here are the latest photos of our students:


Since Scott has been here, we have met with a botonist, the departments of forestry and agriculture, site excavation contractors as well as architects, engineers and other interested community support people.

Scott and Tushar are working together to move things faster.

Scott and I have finished our meetings with qualified architects. He was pleased to meet 3 different firms from Kolhapur. We had a good meeting with them. Scott will be contacting you and the GWEI board members with his recommendation so the architect can start on August 1st.

I hope¬†everyone’s health is good.

With regards,

Anuradha | Kolhapur, India


  1. We need all the children of the world to have equal access to all the tools needed to deliver an education. Only then will we see each and everyone of them take up their rightful place in the new global economy. No child should be left behind because of corporate and/or political greed and ignorance.


  2. Dee Boyden says

    Thank you. I am so happy to see the progress on the Kolhapur school.


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