We are proving Gandhi right

Arun GandhiThere certainly are many issues involved in the modern phenomenon of making fun over someone’s religion. The primary issue that concerns me is the lack of respect for someone’s faith.

In the world we live in, respect is eroding just as rapidly as the environment and the ecology. When people make fun of other people’s religion or their beliefs they portray a total lack of respect which raises in my mind the question: Can people who show no respect for religion be considered civilized? Or, to put it another way: Can civilized people be disrespectful?

Materialism and morality, Gandhi said many years ago, have an inverse relationship — when one increases, the other decreases. Well, we certainly are proving him right. Clearly, as the world is becoming more and more materialistic we are becoming less and less moral.

Sociologists would have a field day trying to figure out why morality is eroding while humankind claims to be marching towards civilization. One easy answer is that materialism induces selfishness and greed, the two essential ingredients that makes for the lack of respect.

ARUN GANDHI | Washington Post | JUN 16, 2011 2:40 PM


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