On this day January 30, 1948

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Gandhi, Father of the Nation, shot at 5:12 pm Jan 30, 1948 (IST)

His last words: Raam Raam

“If I’m to die by the bullet of a mad man, I must do so smiling. God must be in my heart and on my lips. And if anything happens, you are not to shed a single tear.”— Gandhiji, January 28, 1948

The Guardian ran the following article and series of photos breaking the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. 

 31 January 1948: Gandhi’s obituary | From the Guardian | theguardian.com http://ow.ly/sotZD

The New York Times ran the following story: 

Mohandas K. Gandhi: The Indian Leader at Home and Abroad   By THE NEW YORK TIMES The assassin was a Hindu who disagreed with Gandhi’s ideology. Gandhi was shot at point-blank range as he was going to deliver his daily prayer meeting message. The assassin was immediately seized by the crowd and later told a foreign correspondent, “I am not at all sorry.” Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said in a radio address the evening of Gandhi’s death: “Gandhi had gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere. … http://ow.ly/sot2N

 The story in The Hindu contains a graphic image of the reality of our loss of Bapuji.

Gandhiji shot dead – The Hindu (January 31, 1948)

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, was shot at 5-12 p.m. to-day and he died fifteen minutes later. Gandhiji left his room in Birla House for the prayer meeting a few minutes after the conclusion of his talk with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He passed through the garden leaning on the shoulders of Ava Gandhi and Manu Gandhi, grand daughter-in-law and grand niece. http://ow.ly/sozlu  

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