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My Education In The Path Of Nonviolence

Simultaneously thought-provoking, humorous and inspiring, Arun recounts stories of the time he spent with his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, while at the Sevagram Ashram in South Africa as a young boy.

Book on CD


Legacy Of Love: My Education In The Path Of Nonviolence

Read by the Author Arun Gandhi
CD (Edition: 2015) | 
4 CDs | Total Time 4 hours 35 minutes

Price: $25.00*

*All CD sales proceeds go to rescue and rehabilitate exploited and impoverished children.  

*All book sales proceeds go to rescue and rehabilitate exploited and impoverished children.  

Legacy of Love: My Education in the Path of Nonviolence Book Description – Called a messenger of peace, Arun Gandhi — Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson — has dedicated his life to spreading his grandfathers teachings around the globe.

This compelling memoir begins in the heart of apartheid South Africa where the author lived under conditions of zealous racism until he was 12 years old. Following are the two pivotal years he spent with his grandfather in India, learning the lessons that would undo his anger and cultivate a profound activism. His account also describes living with his parents in religious and socially activist communities in South Africa and India.

Arun’s book presents the practical wisdom the author learned from his grandfather revolving around family, men and women, simplicity, religious unity, humility, truth, and nonviolence. 

Arun Gandhi has contributed to Legacy of Love: My Education in the Path of Nonviolence as an author. Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi is also founder and president of Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, founder of the MK Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence, and founder of Gandhi Legacy Tour.

Legacy of Love – Table of Contents 

 Disc 1 Introduction: A Grain of Wheat 8:35
  First Class: Transforming Anger 19:09
  Seeds of Life: The Wisdom of Women 25:05
  Climbing the Mountain: Religious Faith and Freedom 20:09
 Disc 2 Family Circle: The Scope of Unconditional Love 15:36
  South African Odyssey: Racism and Revenge 13:05
  Sevagram Ashram: Simplicity and Community 20:00
  Beginning Lessons: Self-Control 15:57
 Disc 3  Nonviolent Discipline: Penance and Humility 30:27
  Parents’ Love: Shravan and the Long Walk to Phoenix 21.38
  A Connected World: The Pencil and the Rose 16.28
  Disc 4 The Spinning Wheel: Humanity, Materialism and Morality 8.47
  Lessons from Life: Nonviolence Notebook 32:02
  About the Author 3:38
  The M. K. Gandhi Institute 1:38
 Songs  Sri Krishna Govinda – Madhura 1:41
   Raghu Pati – Madhura 1:49
   Samsara – Naryan Padmanabha 3:44

     Brahmaputra Float – Naryan Padmanabha                           3:45

    Balaji – Naryan Padmanabha                                             4:53

    Arriving at the Kush – Naryan Padmanabha                        4:59

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