Education Can Light the Way!

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Education Can Light the Way!  – Anuradha Bhosale

Gandhi Tour visits AVANI childrenThe Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute (GWEI) has a vision to provide the imperiled children of India with a safe place where they will be housed and fed while they receive training to prepare them for a life outside the prison of poverty. GWEI works in partnership with AVANI and the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation in achieving this vision.  

At right: Anuradha Bhosale of AVANI leads Gandhi Legacy Tour  participants through a brickyard labor camp in Kolhapur, India.  The Gandhian participants are witnessing first hand the conditions AVANI is working in and which the children are living. Participants are on their way to see where AVANI conducts educational classes for the rescued child laborers.  The classes are held inside of the labor camps in makeshift tents.  

Child Labor in IndiaAVANI rescues Indian children from forced labor brickyards, sex trafficking, provides them with food and educational nourishment, and provides them with the sense of belonging to a community, which they may never have had before.

For 17 years, AVANI has worked for the educational rights of child laborers and works with children for their rights.

Children of AVANI in Kolhapur IndiaThese are a few of the children of AVANI participants met on the Gandhi Legacy Tour.  Many of these children come from the nomadic families providing labor in the brickyards.  AVANI, GWEI and the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation are unified in their support of a child’s fundamental right to an education.  

Please visit Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute to find out how you can support the children of AVANI and their fundamental right to an education.  Thank you!

 AVANI is actively working with children for their rights!  

The Indian Constitution gives the following rights to all Indian Children:

(1) Right to Live

(2) Right to Development (education)

(3) Right to Health

(4) Right to Recreation

(5) Right to Participation


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